Milestone !!!

Wow!!!  Today I reached a milestone…

It is my birthday. That makes me so excited. I know most people hate birthdays, not me, I love them.

To me, it is a milestone. I feel like I want to keep dancing right on along this road, right on to transformation. There is so much to live for and keep going, so much to do. I have even heard some people say that they are getting old… not me, age is just a number. Would I want to live my life over? Nope… I take it as a life lesson and put on tap shoes and I am going to dance my way right on through this life. Am I sad? Nope, not anymore. I have been depressed, spent a major part of my life suffering through depression. A victim of life circumstances? Nope, I am not a victim. I am not going to allow myself to have the victim mentality. Why let someone else that hurt me have space in my head? That just gives them the opportunity to continue to hurt me long after the ordeal is over.

So now what? I want to go for those walks on the beach. I want to take out my clothes that I have been saving for special occasions and wear them every day. I want to eat off the good plates. I want to enjoy my life and see the beauty in everything. I know that life is ugly, but guess what? even in the ugliness there is something pretty. I want to see pretty things and make pretty things. Life is too short not to look around and see the good things and experience the good things. If there is nothing good, make something good. If you don’t like where you or how things are, then change it, only you can change things around you. Pray and God will show you the way. Come on people, start speaking life into those rotten situations that feel dead. Speak life into yourself, speak life into the people around you. Come on people… lets fill those balloons up with water and make water bombs…have some fun today.

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