As I was sitting here contemplating on the things I have to do today, I am always reminded of just how good God is. I am not going into specific details but a situation has come up and something that was taken from me that I really liked and I felt the world was coming to an end when it was gone, my God, my Heavenly Father, is giving me an absolute better one. That makes me want to jump up and scream and shout, “Do Y’all See That?”, simply amazing, simply God.

I want y’all to know how much He loves you, He cares deeply for you, He cares about even the tiniest detail of your life. It is your choice whether to accept Him, His precious gift, His love. I had a dream a few years ago, I saw myself and the Lord showed me that I always walked around with my hands balled up in a fist, my hands were always closed, I heard Him say open your hands, open your heart, let love in. It is our choice.

Have you noticed that when something is restored,  say an antique car or furniture, anything really, it is better than the original. The original is good, but restored is way better. Carry on my people and have an awesome day!

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