Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that this world is going to implode,
People are going to get everything that they are owed.
This world is so full of hate,
Some people say that it doesn’t matter at this rate.
Everything that used to be bright and sunny,
has been turned ugly by the love of money.
People, where is the love?
There is no need to shove.
No natural affection,
Only hatred that has spread like an infection.
Everything has been divided into black and white,
Contention mounted to bring about a fight.
People have been misguided,
This world is so lopsided.
How can this be fixed, what it will it take?
We need a Savior, and that my friend is not a mistake.
And out of this bleakness,
We can have Jesus.
In this world of darkness, He is light.
To the enemy of this world, He is kryptonite.
© Deborah Seale Schnadelbach

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