A God of Redo’s

Thank God, my Heavenly Father is a God of redo’s … I am a very sinful person… my mouth gets overloaded sometimes, alright most of the time. Then like a loose canon… BOOM .. my mouth fires off things that are not right… once it is out there, it is out there and you can’t get it back.

But my Heavenly Father is gracious to forgive my sins .. all of them … including my mouth.

I am a work in progress .. no one is perfect … Jesus is the only perfect one… I am so glad that I have Jesus because on my own I am an utter disgrace… because of the Blood of Christ I am a new creation .. all things are new .. my prayer is for the Holy Spirit to put a guard over my mouth to help me control what I say and come in and create in me a new heart… because out of the heart the mouth speaks.

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