Straight from the heart πŸ’—

Good Morning Everybody !!!

What is it that you fear the most? Have you really thought about that?

Is it rejection? What about losing someone close to you? Is it the fear of being homeless? or being broke with no income at all?

There are a million things that cause us to fear, but did you know that fear is not of God. Perfect love casts out fear. God is perfect love. And when we put our trust in Him, we have nothing to fear. It says in His Word repeatedly, “Do Not Fear”. I am not sure how many times it is in the Bible, but I know it is said over and over and over again we are not to fear. We are told to cast all of our anxieties onto the Lord. We are to put our trust in Him, and He will take care of us. He will supply all our needs, not just some of them, but all of them.

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