Life Lessons from Maw Maw Deb !!!

Recently one of my many daughters was involved in a very bad car accident in which she had to be life flighted to a hospital. She was broken up and her face was severely injured in which she had almost 40 stitches down the middle of her forehead to her eye and around to her ear. She is finally mobile with the help of a walker because she still is not allowed to put weight on her leg, but she is finally starting to go places and do things once again. Here we have a beautiful young woman, very talented and was always in the public. This morning the people in the community in which she lives is having a benefit to raise money for medical bills and for her rent and for her needs because she was the sole supporter of her family. As I was talking to her she said that she was nervous about today because she was embarrassed of her scar. I had told her not to be embarrassed because of that scar. That scar is beautiful. That scar represents a testimony. We are never to be embarrassed because of a testimony. Each one of us has a testimony to tell and we are never to be embarrassed because of our testimony. When we have the experience, through the scars we have, we become fit to feed others. We are to tell others about what God has done for us. You have to have the experience first then you can go help someone else through your experience.

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