Letter to my six-year-old Self

Dear six-year-old Deborah. My, how have you grown in just a short amount of time? By now you will have some very near misses in your short life span. From tornadoes barreling through your Aunt Bernice’s yard to the rattlesnake in your playhouse. Many memories you will find have been blocked probably for a very good reason. The abuse was just too great for you at the time. You will come to realize the world out there is full of evil people. Despite this realization, you will learn over the years, you were never alone. God always had His hand upon your life, and you will see many miracles and things that are so bizarre that there is no explanation except God did it.  

Dear six-year-old Deborah. You are like most children your age that don’t listen when their mom says not to do something. But you are about to see a miracle that will stay with you all the days of your life. You will be riding on the handlebars of a bicycle barefooted I must say, and both your feet will go into the spokes. The toes on both feet will be almost severed. Your mom will wrap your feet in cloth baby diapers and your parents will take you to a church service in Pensacola. There the preacher will pray and lay hands on your feet. The next morning when you wake up, they will take the cloth diapers off your feet, and you will have no evidence of any injuries to your toes. In fact, years later, people will comment how cute your feet are, and you will say, “God did it” and you will tell them miracle of your toes.