Letter to my seven-year-old-self

Dear seven-year-old Deborah. You are now being shown the good and bad in life, and you will now know the meaning of polar opposites. Yes, there will be many things in your life that will cause you great fear. But you will overcome this fear, however, it will take a very long time. As you walk on the path God has for you, you will learn to keep watch, be observant to the lessons God has for you. You will encounter shortly that your very first grade schoolteacher, Ms. Early, the teacher that showed disdain toward you, is a practicing witch. And she will proudly make these claims to her students, you included. Have no fear though, your mom will remove you from that situation. You will encounter many witches and warlocks in your lifetime. I wish I could say it will be easy to overcome these encounters, however, it will take years for you to put them into the proper perspective. You will see so many things in your life that will not make sense until many years later but hang in there.