In the Kitchen with Maw Maw Deb

When my children was growing up I didn’t know how to cook. Everything came out of box or the freezer (tv dinners). I couldn’t seem to even cook rolls on Thanksgiving without even burning them, all of them. I burned everything, including the sweet potato casserole (set it on fire). My children ate Hamburger Helper all the time. When I moved in with my husband, I began to learn how to cook, and then one night we had Hamburger Helper and my daughter Brandy asked my husband when he told her what we were having for supper, “What did you do?”. She just knew he had done something bad in order to get the Hamburger Helper.

Now I have fallen in love with cooking and trying new recipes. I must say that Paul is my guinea pig. And he is still alive so that means I can continue to experiment.