Straight from the heart ❤️

Hello everybody !!!

Today I heard something that stuck with me and I want to write about that for a minute.

Have you noticed that there is only one letter between hear and heart ?

I heard that what’s in your heart determines what you hear. The more I thought about that, that could go both ways really.

What you hear can determine whats in your heart. Do you listen to good stuff or bad stuff ?

But what’s in your heart determines what you hear. If you have a dark heart you will hear dark stuff.

I have suffered from depression all my life and it never occurred to me that I listened to sad music until it was brought to my attention that I was doing that. After that time I made it a point to change the music I listened to, and the television programs I watched. My mood changed, and I am no longer depressed.

I made changes. I had to be the one to take the first step to a better life. I had to be the one to decide. No one can take that step for you. That my friend, is the same way with Christ, no one can make that decision for you. You can not gain salvation on any one else’s religious experience. You must accept Christ for yourself.

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