Straight from the Heart πŸ’–

Hello Everybody !!!

Me again…. I thought since I had a little time I would post somethings that have been on my heart here lately.

Everything I write always comes straight from my heart, therefore the name is straight from the heart. I write about stuff going on around me, or things that are going on with me at the moment. I have this great habit of making people mad (by accident). I just can’t seem to convey the words I want to say so I write, then for some reason I still make people even madder. I am really not trying to.

I get mad when people tell me they will do this or that, then they don’t do anything. They look at me and go, “well we could have done that yesterday”. What do you do? Stand there and look stupid.

Have you noticed in this world, especially in this day and age of people looking out for themselves, people see a need and walk right on past like somebody else will do it. They never even stop to care, or lift a finger to help. They even get mad if you ask them to help, such an inconvenience. The person in need is such a burden to society, why not just drop off the face of the earth, everybody will be better off. That my friends is what I have been seeing this week. It breaks my heart.

I pity those people that think they are so much better off and have no need of help from others. What will happen when they get to that point and they look and find themselves in need? are people going to wish they would just fall off the face the earth. My biggest problem is me, I try to help everybody, even to the point of making myself sick. But what gets me is when some people will turn it around and make it all your fault that they didn’t anything. They call it twisting words, even though they didn’t do anything, you are the one twisting the words.

This world would be so much better if people actually stopped and helped somebody out, instead of running their mouth and screaming for the authorities to punish those people in need. See I live down here in the land of entitled people, I see this on a regular basis, and it is heart breaking. Take for instance, a woman and child, down on their luck, needing help, not asking for a hand out, just a hand up. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would help them up, instead of taking a foot and kicking them in the mud because of the fact they are in need, not quite clean enough, lacking in material possessions to be self sufficient.

What about a women taking care of her sick husband that is dying of cancer, not able to keep her lawn as it is called down here in the land of entitlement instead of yard? Stop calling the authorities and screaming punish her because her lawn looks bad. Why not get off your butts and help this women. If your don’t want to physically gets off your butt, why not pay somebody to do it for you? Help not hurt.

That is my straight from the heart today y’all.

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