Straight from the heart ðŸ’˜

Good Morning Everybody !!!

What do ya do when ya feel like one big floppy failure?

That is how I have been feeling this past week. I have been feeling like one big floppy failure. The enemy has been screaming at me, telling me that I am nothing but a failure and that I am the cause everybody’s problems. Have you noticed though, that God talks in a small whisper, and the enemy screams. The more you listen to God, the louder the enemy gets.

Its like being in the middle of lake and a bad storm is raging. The waves are causing the boat to be tossed around but you are anchored out. You are feeling the waves and hearing the thunder boom all around and the rain is pelting really hard in your face. But you are still anchored out and not going anywhere. Same thing with God, He is your anchor, your not going anywhere but you still feel the waves.

So when the enemy comes in really hard, dig in even deeper. I mean really dig in and be unmovable. Be unmovable and unstoppable. I have even heard the words, “Do Not Even Pray For Me.” You know something, that should be a clue, that your prayers are working, DON”T STOP!!!

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