Straight from the heart 💓

Hello Everybody !!!

A lot has been going on here lately, and I will write about it at a later date. But yesterday, I was sitting in a court room watching events unfold that will impact the future for a lot of other people. I was feeling a mother’s heart break as son’s were being sentenced to prison. Even though good will come out of the events of yesterday, the heart break is very real, now, in the present.

However, in the heart break, I was reminded of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she must have felt, while watching the events unfold of her son, being tried and crucified. And out of that day in court a poem started to come together. So here it is.

My Son

I could feel the uneasiness in the air, 

With every word the people would swear. 

With every shout my heart shred, 

But His love just spread. 

With tears pouring down my face, 

From His heart poured grace. 

All the hurt I felt, 

Yet, He endured all the sins and stripes He was dealt. 

With His Blood that was shed, 

He gave life to the dead. 

While upon that old cross He hung, 

On the ground I was flung. 

As I screamed out in my own agony, 

He was held in infamy. 

As He cried out, “It is finished”, 

The leaders thought the chaos would be diminished.  

As the sky turned dark and the earth did quake, 

I felt my God did me forsake.  

While buried in the earth, 

Little did I know what was about to birth. 

The gates of hell He opened wide, 

A new way He did provide. 

Three days later He arose, 

And threw to Satan, death blows. 

At the first rays of light, 

I ran to the sight. 

Expecting my Son to find, 

Instead, only His burial garments He left behind.  

An angel of God stood there,  

And said, “He has risen, go share.” 

As fast as my feet could fly, 

I just had to go testify.  

My Son is alive, 

And redemption He did provide. 

©Deborah Seale Schnadelbach 2023

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