Straight from the heart💖

Good Morning Everybody !!!

I want to share something that recently happened to me and a poem that I wrote about this experience.

I wrote a poem and originally named the poem A Cruel Joke. I had to go back and rename this poem The Tethered Flight .

This poem is part of a vision I had at church. I had a vision of the small bird being lifted up in the palm of a hand and being released into the air, it was being set free. God was setting me free from the things that were holding me back from the destiny He has for me. However, when I woke up the next morning the enemy had already come at me and tried to make me doubt that God set me free from all the things that had tied me down as well as the lies that I had believed to cause me to doubt God and His plan for me.

What I do know about God is that He is not a cruel God. The enemy of our souls, the devil and his demons of hell are cruel. The enemy will try to tether us to the things of this earth, and he will try to put us in a cage. Only through the Blood of Jesus are we delivered and set free. It is only through the Blood of Jesus that we can live a life free and fulfill the destiny that God has planned for us.

The Tethered Flight

You lift me gently out of my cage 
Into the palm of your hand 
You smooth my feathers with such tenderness. 
Up into the air You raise your arms 
In a swift motion you release me to fly 
I believed I was free  
If only for a brief time. 
Up into the sky 
My foot is tethered to what is behind 
I am being pulled  
Back to earth  
I descend  
Lower and lower  
Back into my cage.  

©Deborah Seale Schnadelbach 2023

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