Straight from the heart ❤️

Hello Every body !!!

I am writing today with a heavy heart. My friends in Malawi are experiencing unimaginable devastation, and they need our prayers. Therefore, I am asking every prayer warrior on this page to stop what you are doing and pray for these wonderful people and everyone who is being affected by Cyclone Freddy.

I have been asking myself and God what can I do to help … I am just one person.

I am reminded of a poem I had posted a long time ago, it is a poem by Sandra Goodwin, called I Traveled on my knees

Last night I took a journey to Israel across the seas, 

I did not go by boat or plane.  

I traveled on my knees. 

I saw so many people there with scars and wounds within, 

But God told me that I should go – there was oil to pour from Him. 

I replied, “Lord, I cannot go and work with such as these.” 

He answered quickly, ” Yes you can, by traveling on your knees.” 

He said, ” You pray, I’ll meet their need, you call and I will hear,  

Be concerned about the fate of those both far and near.” 

And so I tried it, knelt in prayer, gave up some hours of ease,  

I felt the Lord right by my side while traveling on my knees. 

As I prayed on and saw them helped, and the badly wounded healed. 

I saw God’s worker’s strength renewed while laboring on the field. 

I said, ” Yes Lord, I have a job. My desire Thy will to please. 

I can go and heed Thy call by traveling on my knees.” 

(adapted from a poem by Sandra Goodwin) 

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