Straight from the heart ðŸ’–

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I just want to encourage everybody in the Lord. It has been on my heart so much lately that the return of Jesus is so, so very close. He is at the door and about to come get His children. My heart cries out for those that are not ready for His return. I see it everywhere I look. The signs are everywhere, and it has all been prophesied for thousands of years. Yes, many people have blinders on. My prayer has been for the blinders to come off the eyes of people, especially my family and friends.

I feel like jumping up and down and shouting with a megaphone….. Jesus is coming … The King is coming

I know I get called crazy all the time … but I don’t care. I am more concerned with what God thinks about me.

When I was younger I was more concerned about things of this world. My children, my family and friends, my home and making ends meet. I was more concerned with, if I could do this or that, I was into partying and really didn’t care about anything at that time other than myself. I had seen the hand of God on my life at certain times while growing up and I knew that He was real. Things had gotten so bad for me, so I had prayed, God, If you are really real, Help me here, I need Help. God did. First thing He did was cause the gun I had in my hand to end my misery, to jam. He said “not today”. But let me tell you about my stubborn self. Even though God keep me from doing that awful thing, I still was stubborn and didn’t give Him my heart just yet, I would keep my blinders on. Did I give in? Nope…. I didn’t. I just kept spiraling out of control. I had already by this time, saw with my very own eyes, an arm reaching for me and I saw with my very own eyes a hand touch me on the forehead. So I knew God was really real. But I kept my blinders on.

It’s when you pray from deep inside for Jesus to show Himself to you in personal way, for Him to come near to you, give you an experience that only He can give. He will….. My prayer is for you to fall in love with Jesus and God the Father and the Holy Spirit. He will show you great and mighty things that only He can. I want others to experience that kind of love. No body can do that for you. I have people tell me quite often, “God don’t show me anything”. It is a promise in the scriptures.

Jeremiah 33:3  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and will show thee great things, and difficult, which thou knowest not. (ASV)

Call unto Him…. Pray to Him…. Ask Him ….. He will answer.

But People Don’t wait…. Time is of the essence here. Time is running out. The signs are all around us…. Look up from your phones. Stop wallowing in self-pity here. You don’t have time for that and one other note….. the garment of praise throws off the spirit of heaviness. If you are Praising God, thanking Him for all things, that spirit of heaviness, that spirit of depression, it can’t stay on you. And that my friends is the truth.

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