Straight from the heart ❤️

Goodness, it has been a wild ride since the beginning of the year. I think something has happened every single day since the first day of January.

So much is happening in the world around us and even within our own families. I am not one to stick my head in the sand and believe me I have been accused. The truth is … it’s where I choose to focus my eyes. Who’s truth I choose to believe. When the storms are blowing, I do feel the storms and I do see the waves, but I make a choice am I going choose to live and walk in fear or am I going to put my trust in the One that created the universe.

Every day is a choice. I have heard people tell me that they are not going to choose anything. Why should they? What they do don’t make any difference at all. I am here to tell you that it does make a difference.

Every day, you have to make choices because no choice is a choice. I have heard people tell me that they are just going with the flow. Alrighty, then, your choice. But just think for a minute, have you stopped to watch a ditch full of water during a storm? It is just going with the flow, down a storm drain. Can you imagine the power of that flow of water. Whatever is in that ditch is catch in it, there is no power of its own, it is trapped. Same thing with those that just go with the flow as they say. They have no control over their own lives, whether good or bad. No control over their emotions. Whether or not they fear or have some sort of peace.

Every day is a choice… I can’t look at tomorrow or dwell on what happened yesterday. We are only given TODAY. What or Whom are you going to focus on TODAY?

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