Straight from the heart ❤️

Good morning

It has been a rough night for me. I am currently in the hospital, having health issues. I just wanted to brighten up y’alls day by telling y’all what happened yesterday. It had to be the most hilarious experience I have ever had when arriving at a hospital. Let me start from the beginning and please don’t and I repeat don’t take a swig of your coffee while reading this because it will hurt.

Let’s go back to July, right after my birthday, we came down with covid classic, not covid lite or covid zero. But classic covid, the kind where you feel like the end is near for sure. Since then, I have had what feels like a run down feeling, no energy what so ever. I have had issues with breathing, like something squeezing my chest like a boa constrictor. Well a few days ago the symptoms just seemed to increase and I felt like I couldn’t take any air in and I was having pain behind my shoulder blades and both arms.

Got to the emergency room and did a few tests and a breathing treatment. Test came back good with no visible issues and the breathing treatment did not work. Therefore, I was transferred to the main hospital to see a cardiologist and have more test done.

Now for the rest of my story. We arrived here about 11:00 pm after a very rough afternoon of being stuck by needles and testing. I get out of the vehicle and start to waddle up to the emergency room in a parking lot that is not very well lit. I am wearing a summer dress and flip flops because this is the gulf coast and the temperature is still hot. We go in and give the paperwork to girl at the desk and have a seat and wait like we are instructed and somebody will come and get us to take us up to my room.

The nurse comes out and I had already kicked off my flip flops, so I am feeling around with my feet and I find one. I look at the floor and I see one of my flip flops and three of Paul’s. My mind is still in a fog and I am trying to figure out where my flip flop is and then it hit me, I waddled like a duck into the hospital with two different shoes, bandages covering my arms and sticky pads covering my chest, all sticking out of my summer dress. My hair was all matted up and looking all wild. I told the nurse to give me just a minute if she didn’t mind and I ask paul to run to the truck to get my other shoe. As he was heading around the corner of the half wall to the door of emergency room he was digging in his pockets to pull out the key to unlock the truck door only to discover the keys were locked inside the truck. Paul says “why don’t you just wear the shoes you walked in here with” … I told him I don’t think so because it was dark outside and it is very bright in here so I won’t do it … just give me my new socks he had stopped to buy me on the way over from the other emergency room.

So here I am walking through the corridors of this hospital in my new socks and we get to the second floor, to my room. My nurse opens the door and it is filled with a bunch of hospital staff including nurses and the Dr, all waiting for me to get there. They are welcoming me in like a welcome committee. My thoughts were oh my gosh I am so glad I didn’t do what paul ask me to do and wear those mismatched flip flops … one mine and one his … I must admit … if felt like a surprise birthday party and I was so unprepared for that one.

But Thomas Hospital has been the best. If I had to choose, this is where I would rather go. Love y’all … gotta go for testing.

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