Poetry from the heart πŸ’•

In my despair,

With all my burdens I could not bear.

A Savior did appear,

I heard Him whisper in my ear.

You are My child,

No longer will you be reviled.

With tears streaming down my face,

No longer will I be a disgrace.

With just a word,

I heard.

With just a touch I became,

More than a name,

I became a flame.

With a message of love,

Given from above.

God sent His son,

To give us victory that will not be undone.

And on that cross,

Which was meant for loss.

There was redemption,

From all our transgression.

With His Blood that was shed,

Out of captivity He led.

We are called to reign,

And forever with Him we will remain.

Β© Deborah Seale Schnadelbach 2022

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