Straight from the heart ❤

Oh my goodness everbody … I have been sick and I am better now though. I took on to much with not enough rest. That is not a good combination.

This world that we live in, is so crazy. It is hard to look at, people everywhere are hurting. The young, the old, the rich and the poor. So many people are discouraged, and they are searching for hope. Searching for just a glimmer of something to hang on to. People are searching for answers in this mass chaos. I started to feel like how can I be an encouragement when I feel discouraged? I want to say we are all in this boat together, but that is not true. I have heard it said that some boats are row boats, some are just dingys, some boats are yachts. But here is the truth. We are all in this storm together. However, we do have a Savior that speaks to the storm and He says “peace, be still”.

I know as for me, I would rather have a Savior by The Name Of Jesus, in the storm with me than not. I wouldn’t want to have to face this crazy world by myself. I am not strong enough in my own self. I have to depend on the God that created the whole universe for strength. He has shown me over and over again, that He can handle it. We, in ourselves can not. We are not strong enough. And when we realize that we are not strong enough, and that we have to depend on Him, we see things change.

When we get to the point that our voices can’t be heard over the howl of the winds, we need to scream the Name of Jesus. He hears us, regardless of whether anybody else does. And it only takes saying His name.

So TODAY, let’s call out His Name, The Name Of Jesus. Invite Him into our chaos.

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