Straight from the heart ❤

Just do it … this morning when I was talking to someone, they commented on some of my art work, and how talented I was. I feel like, who are you talking to? I am not talented. I was always told that I couldn’t do anything right, my cooking was awful, my painting sucked, and when I sang I sounded like a wounded cow. Words…. when we hear something enough we tend to believe it. They are seeds implanted into the soil of our hearts, and they grow and turn into stuff either for the good or bad.

I had always gotten my daughter Brandy to paint whatever I needed painted, then I moved to another county and she got too busy with work. So guess what? I got angry. I got mad because I kept hearing, I wasn’t good enough, over and over in my head. Paul, which is now my new husband, told me, you can do whatever you want. So I looked on Pinterest, got the paint and art stuff I needed, got youtube videos and I learnt how to do stuff. My other daughter made a comment that she wasn’t talented. I gave her words that she gave me a long time ago right back. You don’t know if you can do something til you try, just do it.

It doesn’t matter if whatever you are doing is good or bad, it is your stuff. If you cook, cook for you. If you are painting, paint for you. If you mess up, so what, it is your mess. Quit trying to impress people, it is you, be happy in your own skin. Who cares if something is ugly to other people, it is yours not theirs. Who cares if you sound like a wounded cow when you sing, SING. Get up and make art people…. JUST DO IT….stop trying to impress other people. You just might find out you can do something spectacular.

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