Straight from the heart ❤

Today is Memorial day but I have noticed that as time goes by that there are a lot of people that don’t realize that freedom is not free.

Freedom has always cost somebody something. Even if you haven’t paid anything for your freedom it was still bought with a price. The freedom you have today in this country was bought with the price of a service person and their families. I know I am extremely grateful for their service. However, there is another freedom that we have today, that freedom is a gift that only Christ Jesus could pay for you and me. We could not pay that price. We could not get back the freedom that we lost when Adam and Eve sinned in that garden, only the Blood of God’s only begotten Son could do that. And that is what He did, He went to calvary and bleed and died on that cross, and went to hell and took back those keys from Satan, and He set the captives free. Christ Jesus set us free from the bondage of sin and death, and ya know what? It is a gift. We can not earn it, we have to accept it. When we receive a gift from someone else, don’t we have to open it up to know what it is? What if we took someone’s gift and never even open it up to see what it was? What if it was all the answers and solutions you were needing to all of your problems here on earth and it was right there for you to take it but you never knew you had it because you didn’t accept it, you didn’t even look? Same thing, you have to accept God’s gift or you will continue to look for answers to your problems but the answer was right there for you to accept.

Freedom has already been bought and paid for but freedom is never free. Freedom always cost somebody something.

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