Straight from the heart ❤️

My heart just screams out with pain because of all the violence. I scream out Father, save the children. My heart breaks for the children and the families of lost children all over this very planet. Every day we hear and see the violence, and I keep asking how long oh Lord ? How much more ? Everything is turned upside down and it is so hard to look at it.

I was in a discussion with someone recently and the subject came up, what is it going to feel like when this life is over and eternity starts? Right now there is turbulence, like being on an airplane or going to space, and then all of sudden, smooth. No more turbulence, when we break through this turbulence is it going to make a sound like pop, like water breaking? I have always read that when Jesus comes back there is going to be a trumpet sound, can you imagine, hearing a trumpet and then smoothness no more turbulence. WOW. In that we have to rejoice.

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