Straight from the heart ❤️

This has been a wild and crazy ride. I had to finally sit down and just stop. I had to stop everything and just look and listen. My life has taken a sharp turn in the other direction and I had to get my bearings here.

Yesterday, after many many years of being bound up and not having the freedom to do what I wanted to do because of someone else’s control, came to an end. It felt just like stepping off a cliff and not seeing the bottom. I had been set free. I must say when you have been set free from something that has kept you in bondage for so long, so many years, it takes your breath. Yep, I felt like Oh My Goodness, what now? Old doors are closing and New doors are opening…

I am excited about the future and I want to share what is going on and I pray that y’all are as blessed as I am. Love y’all and hang on to seats.

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