Straight from the heart ❤

What is it that you really, really want? That you really desire more than any thing if you could just reach out and take hold of it? I know people that say money, and I know people that say just to be able to go and do what I want to do with nobody telling me what to do. What is it that really makes you tick that some how you are missing?

Could it be that in this world of chaos, that we have somehow lost the joy of living? Lost all hope of feeling just a spark of what could be? It would seem that way. Just yesterday, I had gotten a message of a young girl that needed prayers. Her world felt like it was crashing in on her. No job, just got a positive pregnancy test, no family to care, she felt afraid in this great big ugly world. We all feel this sometimes. Where is the hope? We just feel like screaming. Like what if I just end it all ? Who would even care? I HAVE NEWS !!! THERE IS A HOPE ….

Y’all may not believe me. I have people tell me ” I don’t want to hear that religious junk”. I am going to say it again and I will continue to say it over and over again. Religion is man made … but a relationship with God through Jesus is not a religion.

I grew up in an abusive environment. I was a homeless pregnant teenager on the streets of Houston Texas. I married into an abusive relationship. I lived in the portal to hell area, with drugs and crime. I had tried to commit suicide three times, more heartbreak than a person could even imagine. I had even lost all my stuff three times, home, clothes, pictures, worldly things and I had even lost loved ones. I was down to just the clothes I had on and what I had taken with me. I had to start over from scratch.

But guess what? I had found HOPE ….

I know from personal experience that there hope.

When I cried out with everything in my being “God if you are really real, if you are who you say are, I need you to fix this, I can’t. ” My life has been a whirlwind. But He has brought me through a dark depression that I felt was sucking the very life out of me. Through things that I felt like was burying me alive. I was being crushed. There is freedom, a very real freedom when you accept the help that Our Heavenly Father is offering to you. It is free, it is a gift, but you have to accept it. You do have to open your mouth and ask for it. Open your heart to receive it.

What do you have to lose? Maybe a dark existence.. maybe all those tears that you have cried… all that heart break you are experiencing. Open your mouth and ask ..what do you have to lose?

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