Just hold on we going home !!!

I was listening to David Crowder sing “just hold on we going home”, and it had brought great comfort to me, all the while bringing back a childhood memory. When I was growing up, things were so bad that I would just imagine that someone would come up to the window and I could escape. This person drove a big car and we would just escape and I wouldn’t have to return to all the garbage that I was having to go through.
When I heard that song today, it hit me. I am saved from all that garbage and I don’t have to live like that anymore. Jesus does tell us just hold on, we are going home. So hold on people, we are going home. Jesus does love us and He has freed us from all the chains that bind us up here. We are called His beloved. So pick up those chins, open your hearts and let Him show you His love.

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