Straight from the heart ♥

Oh my goodness… I know we all feel the pressure to run, to keep up with the things that we have got to be doing. But I think it is time for “time out”. Time to just sit and think for a minute or two. Is what we doing really important? Who is benefiting from all our running? Are we really waiting on God to direct our steps or are we just running head long into our own self-made chaos? I know this past few weeks has been rough, moving our daughters around from different states back to Alabama. One from the east coast and the other from a state to the west. We were trying to prepare a move for one and then the other was unexpected. Life is like that, it will throw things at you and catch you unprepared. I must say I am glad that our daughters are back where they need to be. Now for me, time to sit and relax and think about what I got to be doing, not running head long into my self-made chaos. Now on a different note.

Look around, what do you see? Do you really like the way things look? we create our life by the words we speak. How many times in a day do we speak negative things? What about the positive things? I know when we speak those words, it’s out there. Then just like that, we may not see it at that moment but we did it, we have created something. Sooner or later, we will see what we have spoken into the unseen. I know, people call me crazy…. ya know what I say about that? I don’t care. When ya get older (not going to say “old” ) I ain’t there yet. Ya just get to a point where, other people’s opinions don’t matter so much, it’s only God’s opinions that matter. Now on a another note.

When things get to stressful and ya feel like ya just can’t cope with it, remember to have a cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey, and deep breathe. It is good to sit and do some deep breathing for a few minutes. (Don’t hyperventilate, that will not help).

Then after the deep breathing for a minute, take things in chunks. Break it all down into bite size pieces. I know me being a full time mom most of my life it seems, when my children were grown I still had my grandchildren and my house was a total disaster. It would feel so overwhelming, I learned to not look at the big picture. Break all jobs down into smaller chunks. It won’t be so overwhelming. Throw things into piles or baskets, then sort it out a little bit at a time. That goes with a lot of stuff in life, break it down. Nothing gets accomplished trying to do everything all at once, Your only one person. Pray and ask for guidance on what to do. God leads us one step at a time. We are not created to see or do everything at one time. Relax… and deep breathe for a moment, and then pray, we can ask God for His Holy Spirit to refresh us, and give us His wisdom and strength. He will.

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