Straight from the heart ♥

I have something to say, so listen up people.

All my life I have been called crazy or weird, or told something ain’t right about me. Down South people say, “she’s just touched”. Let me tell you the truth. YES! I have been touched, I am touched as they say. I may be crazy, but I am a happy, excited kind of crazy. And I really don’t care what  people say about me. You know what’s important? It’s what Jesus says about me, that is the most important thing. As long as He says that I belong to Him, I am good. I grew up around people that liked to “dumpster dive”, yep, there is such a thing. Last night I heard a preacher talk about “dumpster diving” at Winter Jam 2022. I got so excited, I really got to talk about this. There really is some nasty stuff in dumpsters, smelly rotten food, dirty diapers, you name it, it is in there. Let me tell ya, all that garbage in the dumpsters, it was at one time all good. The food was good, the dirty diapers were nice and clean and even the poop was once baby food. However, in this garbage there really are treasures. People do throw away good stuff, one persons trash is another peoples treasures. Broken televisions can be repaired by someone that knows how, radios are repairable. Hey, I have even seen good stuff like shoes and clothes thrown away and toys. When God created this world it was all Good, nothing was dirty, rotten or broken. When man fell into sin and this world became rotten, Jesus went dumpster diving. He dove right in to look for His treasures. We are His treasures. He came right into our mess and cleaned us up. He came in to rescue us from the uglies of the dumpster. But do you realize something? we need to know that we need to be rescued before He can rescue us. We have to be willing to be rescued, lifted up out of the dumpster. The muck is so deep and the sides of the dumpster are just too steep to get out by ourselves. We need to be helped out, we can’t do that by ourselves. And guess what? We don’t have to pay for Him to help, He is standing there in the dumpster to lift us out and clean us up. All we have to do is accept Him, accept His love and His help out of the dumpster. Call out to Him He is standing right here in the dumpster with you.

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