Straight from the heart ❤

The biggest challenge that I have found in this journey of mine is escaping the victim mentality. I noticed I am not the only one though. I do have a habit of resorting back to old memories, old experiences, and then thinking that, ok been here before, but I have to keep telling myself that I don’t live in that mind set any more. That to me is so hard… yesterday was hard for me. All my life I have had things taken from me or I have had to give up things including my self respect to make other people happy.

So, I am still learning to trust God in everything. I have noticed that the battle of the mind is one of the most difficult. I fall on my face a lot. I have to be picked up and dusted off, however, I do have my heavenly Father that loves me and He shows me what I need to do to keep going. Growing in Grace, nobody said it would be easy. And that it so true, being human, would it be alright if I said it sucks? I talk to myself quite a bit, telling myself that I may be in this world but I am not of this world. It doesn’t matter what other people say or do, I don’t have to listen.

It is a choice to have a victim mentality. Yep, stuff happens and most of it ain’t good. But, we don’t have to live there. I am talking to myself here as well. Pull yourself together, let’s keep moving. I know, I feel the pain, it hurts, both physically and mentally. But we have to look for the good in everything, no matter how small, look for it, and when you see, keep your eyes on it, as you do, everything else will seem to look better. It’s a matter of perspective. Let’s change the world people.

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