Straight from the heart ♥

Lets talk about self respect …

When I was some abusive relationships it seem the first thing they do is tear down your self respect, your dignity. I could not see that when I was in those situations. I had to remove myself from those situations in my life to really get a good look at what was really going on. I could get graphic here but I am not, everybody is different and has different situations that they are in. But I have to say that you have to respect yourself before people will respect you. Then they are going to get mad because you will see for yourself exactly what is going on. You will not want to tolerate abusive people in your life anymore. When I finally got my belly full of it (in a figurative way) I wasn’t going take it anymore. I had a police officer tell me that the best thing I could do was get out of that place and then it was like a light bulb coming on. I said, just hold that thought. I left that place, I packed my little Suzuki car with my sons stuff (which wasn’t much) and the few things I had that was absolutely necessary and I drove away. I would say that I was through with abusive relationships, but no, I was like a magnet to abusive relationships. It was when I was really fed up with it. That is when things began to change for me. I was almost 200 lbs., so depressed, and I couldn’t get out of bed without help from one of my children. I saw myself in a new light, and thought, did I want to continue down that path? my answer after lots of prayer was to get up and clean myself up, get dressed and fix myself up and start my life again. Just because we are hurt and fall into despair don’t mean that we have to stay there. Start where you are, get up and pull yourself together. Nobody is going to respect you until you respect yourself.

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