Straight from the heart ❤

Life gets so hard sometimes and our hearts do break. I know mine does and I often question God in my struggles, which often leads to more stuff, because I have always been taught that you are not to question God. God is God, and He is way up there and so far away and He really don’t care about your problems. But I have learned that God is right here with me. He sent His only begotten Son to this earth for me, to save me from all my sin. But do you realize that there is more to it that just saving our hide from an indescribable hell of torment. He sent His son to this earth to save us and to give us the power to walk through this earth, to be ambassadors for Him and the Kingdom of God. He gave us His authority, that means His power of attorney to do what He did while on this earth. However, there is a line that God will not cross. You have a free will, that means you have a choice in the matter. You have the power to choose in this life whether or not to choose God or Satan (the lord of this world) it is your choice and He will honor that. He will not save you unless you want to be saved. He will not force you to be saved. God didn’t make you miserable, you made yourself that way. Yes there is trouble on this earth, that is because the enemy in still roaming around seeking people to devour. God loves people, and He wants to show that love to people. It is not His will that anybody should perish but live. It is a choice, your choice and my choice. We have to make a decision, no decision is a decision. I have heard people say that, “God don’t care no more or why don’t God care ?” I have found out that God does care about you and everything about you. You just have to talk to Him. He really is listening.

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