Straight from the heart ❤

You know sometimes we have dreams that shake us to the core. The kind where we wake up and we are afraid and then we know that there really is nothing we can do about it. I have dreams all the time but this one really did shake me a bit then I had to just pray about it because really there is nothing we could do except pray. I think maybe that is the whole purpose of this dream was to show me that things are out of my control and that I can only pray about those things.

I am not going to name names or be specific in this but here is a rough synopsis of the dream.

Someone very close to me was flying and they had a beautiful pair of wings, silvery white and the wings shimmered and looked like they had light coming out of them. I was flying with them in the air because I was talking with this person. They were actually connected to an airplane and they had turned the plane upside down and was not in the plane but under it, connected somehow. I never saw the plane while I was talking to them or even after this. I had asked them a question, “how are you going to turn this plane back over and get back in it and land it safely?” They hadn’t realized it or even thought the plan out that far. They came to a realization that they were going to crash. I felt it when they came to that realization. I woke up afraid for them. I don’t know if they were afraid or not, but I was afraid. I woke up and immediately started praying for them. Then this morning the words came to me, “who are you responsible for?”

Who am I responsible for? that was a good question because for years I was responsible for a bunch of people and now, I just had to stand here and look around and think about that for a moment. The answer NOBODY. I raised my children to the best of my ability, and I know that I made mistakes, I am only human. I raised them and now they have their own children and some of their children have children. I pray that I raised them to believe that God answers prayers and supplies all our needs. I pray that they come to rely on Jesus as their Savior and that He can help with anything and everything that comes there way. All we have to do is ask. I have my son here and Paul next door, but the truth is, I am not responsible for them, they are responsible for their own selves. My responsibility is to stand in prayer for others. I have my children, grand children and great grandchildren, family and friends, neighbors and whomever God sends my way but guess what? My job is to pray, minister to those people that come my way. It is God’s job to save others, protect others, I can’t save the world, I can’t protect the world from all the problems that come. I can only pray. Jesus is the one we all must look to.

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