Straight from the heart πŸ’–

I have always been told that I couldn’t paint or sew or basically do anything creative, I couldn’t even cook, so I finally got to where I didn’t even try. Why should I ? I got to where I started to believe the things that I was told and I really in my heart knew I couldn’t do anything. The only thing I could do was birth babies and I was told that in a derogatory way too. It was when I received Jesus into my heart that I started to change the way I thought and believed, and it was not an overnight transformation. Today when I was working on a woodcarving, I finally understood something, it is when we have these thoughts and beliefs drilled into our being from people we love, or people around us, we believe that thing, whether it is a good thing or bad thing, that is what we come to believe. When we come to Christ, sometimes we have an immediate transformation but sometimes it takes time. Our Father shaves our wooden heart and beliefs and then smooths us out until we take shape. Our hearts and beliefs with trust issues are shaved and smoothed out. Our false sense of our own image is shaved and smoothed out to show who we really are. I know when I was learning to do woodworking, and I am still learning, I always seem to try to take big chunks out of the wood at one time, and I was really making a mess of things. It was when I slowed down to look at the wood and started to shave a little at a time off of it, is when it started to take shape.

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