Straight from the heart💖

This morning I was standing in front of my kitchen window making a pot of coffee, just trying to wake up and I had seen the place where I had dumped the contents of a drink mix that had been recalled (for glass). I had received an email from the place I had purchased the drink mix warning me of the recall. This was done so that I would not consume it and therefore suffer harm. Ya know, drinking something with glass in it would be very detrimental to my health. We have warning signs everywhere, such as lights (red lights, flashing lights), signs (stop signs, yield signs, etc. ). Warnings are everywhere…

God in His mercy and love sends us warning signs. We have His prophets, we have His words of warning. Yet, here we are in the middle of chaos, and, are people listening? Are we as a nation, listening to what the prophets are saying? Are we turning our eyes and hearts away from what the warning signs are saying?

When you know something is detrimental to you, why do you continue to not listen? Have we become so blinded that we don’t want to see or even care to see? are we among those people that think that nothing bad will happen to us, and carry on as if we are above the sludge and muck.

Me, personally, I want to listen to the warnings and pay attention. I want to do as my Father tells me too. He is faithful and His words are Truth. He says to repent as a nation, I want to be one of the first to listen and spend my time praying and asking for forgiveness of our sins. We have so much to be thankful for, Why? only because of the goodness of God. We, ourselves didn’t do anything, we have nothing on our own. Every good gift comes from above, it was given to you. Be thankful for it, say thank you.

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