My Testimony (my God story) entry #1

As I am sitting here writing today I am so thankful because my God has brought me so far. From an abusive childhood all the way to right now and all the way to when I am dancing on those streets of gold. He always promised that He would not leave me nor would He forsake me, people have, I have been so hurt by people, but you know what, I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father has not. He rescued me so many times, even when I thought that I was so alone but I am able to look back at things and I see His hand on my life. His angels of protection when I was looking down a barrel of a gun at the age of eight, to human traffickers’ while on the streets of Houston as a homeless teenager. God is an awesome God. He never said that life would be easy, in fact, He said we would face trials and persecutions. What He did say is that He would never leave us without a comforter, He would not leave us as orphans. He is always with us, even when we least expect it, He shows up. I remember this one time in particular, I was in downtown Houston and the last bus was about to run for the night, I was pregnant at the time and I had no money or bus tokens, and I was literally standing with my back up against the fence some could even call it a wall, and then a woman appeared out of no where and put me on the bus and paid my bus fare. She never said a word and then when I turned around she was no where to be found. I rode that bus out of downtown Houston back to Algiers to where the bus line ended and walked back to the mission I was staying at. Life interrupted by the Great Jehovah. There is no one greater.

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