Straight from the heart ❤

I know that the holidays are coming, for me, I love the holidays. I love being with my family. But I realize the holidays are hard for people, especially those that suffer from depression. For some reason holidays just makes it worse it seems. There are some that just take everything for granted, they don’t seem to have ever lost anything or anybody. It never crosses their mind that some people are suffering. There are even people out there that act happy and like they are not the slightest bit depressed or down but in reality they are the most depressed and they do have thoughts that maybe life is not really worth living after all. I know people like that, some are not here today because of it, and then some are here, walking among us and you would not even tell that they were even a little depressed. Times are tough, but you know what would be great, that would be if everybody could take a little bit of time and try to make someone else’s Christmas just a little bit brighter. I am not just talking about adult or teenagers either. There are children that are in need of holiday cheer as well. Some kids are not even going to get anything for Christmas, that breaks my heart. Because I know how special Christmas is to me, not because of gifts and stuff but because I know that I am loved. But to a child or teenager, stop and just think about that. They may not have those people in their lives that can make them feel that. Some people, adults included, are abused and they just feel like there is nobody in this world that cares about them. People need to know that they are loved. It doesn’t matter who they are, we are called to love the unlovable, we are called to love everybody. As for me, I even have some in my life that feel like a sticker under my fingernail, I have to pray for myself a lot and ask for forgiveness and strength to love them anyway. But we are still called to love them. Come on people, spread holiday cheer, love people. By loving people we show we love God.

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