Straight from the heart ♥

This life gets crazy at times and I mean really crazy. Yesterday while we were out doing a few errands, we had not one, not two but three times someone tried to run us over. I felt like obstacles at every turn. Everyone is always in a hurry and I felt like I must have been in the way, regardless if I was or not. Then last a night a storm came through and that unnerved me a bit. Bad weather always scares me, even though I know that regardless of what happens I am protected. Then I kick myself a little because I know everything is alright. Why do I fear? Then this morning one of my children had a incident in her truck and had slid off the road. She had sent me a picture and the first thing I noticed was a reflection on the door and I busted out laughing, not at the situation but at the image the reflection made. This reflection looked like a little creature of some kind turned backwards and sticking its tongue out at her, as if to mock her. It kind of reminded me of the movie Gremlins.

I know that the situation was not good but we need to get to the place where we can see the good, the humor in everything. We take things too serious all the time. To me, and this is my opinion and I have noticed that some people don’t like what I say or think (I don’t care). Life is to be enjoyed, when you get to a place that there is nothing funny and you are just too serious, you need to time out. Give yourself a break and other people, and go get alone with God. There is just too much stimulus overload. Ok … Everybody go sit on the beach or mountain somewhere…get some air!!!

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