Straight from the heart πŸ’–

Usually I sit down and write things out in a notebook first before I post anything online, but this morning I am going to put this out there the way it comes. I have noticed that here lately I have been under tremendous stress, which of course is causing grief in my family. We have had some major changes in our family and home life and of course it has taken a toll on our emotions. I for one just can’t handle stress very well. Things are so out of whack that I feel overwhelmed and I have been praying about this. I do see God answering those prayers. I keep asking for help, but I am feeling so overwhelmed that I don’t know exactly what I need help with. Then this morning in my quiet time, as I was looking through my books, which I have thousands, mostly digital now (lost my past library to smoke), it came to me, PRIORTIES. A priority is not a priority unless you put legs on it, you have to act upon it. Your priorities have to reflect your values, not someone else’s values. What is it that YOU value the most? What you value the most, you will make time for.

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