Have you noticed we need to be Jumpstarted in life sometimes? By Jumpstarted I mean we need a boost in things. Let me explain this here. We have a dog that in order to get him to eat his dog food, he has to be jumpstarted. He will see us eating food at the table and he would want that more than his food, in fact, he doesn’t want to eat his food at all. So in order to get him to eat his food, I have his bowl on the table and I will give him dog food a piece at a time for a little bit then put it on the floor in front of him and then he eats what he has in the bowl.

We, children of God, have a hard time with the flesh. We want things of the flesh, the comforts of the flesh. It is a mind thing. If we let it take control we don’t want the things of God. We are like our dog, we turn our noses up at the things of God because our flesh is weak. We like comfort, the things of this world are easy. The narrow road, the road less traveled is rough and prickly, we want to run the other direction.

However, we can be jumpstarted. How? By beginning to praise God. The more you praise God, the more your emotions, your feelings , your mind begins to line up with the things of God. One of the fruits of the Spirit is joy. It is not a maybe, it is a promise. It is just the way it is. The more you praise God, bit by bit, before you realize it, you are full of joy. Joy overflowing, start by having one bite of praise then two, then before you realize it, you have gobbled it up in the Spirit and your mind is back on track.

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