Just one more !!!

This morning as I was sitting here having my morning coffee and pondering on the things I need to do today, I heard something that hit me like a brick up side my goofy head. I heard, “just one more”. Think about that, we all do it. We all say, ” I need one more, or I want one more…,” one more, just one more. What is it we want one more of? Right now, me, I want one more cup of coffee. But, have you stopped to think, what is it you want or need one more of? I want one more soul saved…. I want one more to be snatched from the clutches of hell. I want to see one more child set free from the power of the enemy, I want one more person set free from depression and able to live a victorious life in Jesus. To the person that is well up in age or facing a health crisis, they want just one more day. I want people to just stop and start to think for themselves… what is it you want one more of?

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