The ReBoot !!!

I know I have not been posting things on here very much, in fact I have not been writing anything very much at all this past month. It has been like a mental reboot for me. Well this morning, sitting at this very table and drinking my first cup of coffee of the day, staring at the wall, looking at Jesus hanging on the cross (Paul was raised Catholic). Jesus is not on that cross anymore. Jesus was raised from the grave. He went to hell and He set the captives free. Since Jesus set the captives free, delivered His people from all the garbage that the enemy (Satan and his demons of hell) throw at the children of God, and since the Holy Spirit is here on this earth, to remain here with the children of God, to help them, to comfort them, to impower the children of God to do what Jesus did and more, then why are we, the children of God letting the enemy walk all over us? why is the enemy of God acting like he is in control? Satan and his minions of hell are nothing but liars, thieves and murderers. They are only here to steal, kill and destroy. I am from the south, and I was raised southern, and where I come from, when a southern woman says, “AAAHHH HELL Nah !!! ya better run…

Let me tell you about this… people, it is time to stand up and take over !!! God did not call us to sit here and do nothing.. He did not call us to be depressed, and to worry about junk the enemy thinks we should worry about… He did not call us to put up with the garbage … for days and even years, I have listened to the enemy, I have heard and seen garbage the enemy has thrown our way, and right now everything seems to be the opposite of truth. The enemy of our souls is trying to take us out, are we going to let that happen? Is that what you were born for? You have a purpose, God has a purpose for your life, right now. If you are breathing, then you have a purpose…. pull yourself together, ask the Holy Spirit to let you know what your purpose is… get up, get moving… you don’t have to take the garbage no more !!!

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