Who do we run to first?

Wow… this month is just about gone. It came so fast and now it is almost another month. I know i have had a wild and crazy month, I should say a very emotional one. I think the enemy has tried my emotions so much here lately… and I have even slipped and stumbled a few times. I do know that who I put my trust in, is really all that matters. I know I can’t put my trust in myself… on my own I can’t even get out of bed. Everyday I have to rely on my heavenly Father. This walk through life is not a one stop shop, every day i have to slow myself down, my thoughts, my emotions, and trust Him to help me through it. There are days when I have to tip toe through it and take everything moment by moment. Life can feel overwhelming at times, and it seems here lately that is more now than ever. I realized that I depended on my children way more than I should have. I had gotten to a point in my life where if I needed something I would call one of my children, instead I need to pray and ask my heavenly Father. He is the one we need to run to first. He is our source for everything. The thing is, i know this, then why did my thoughts change? Why did my actions change? God has always provided my every need. I can honestly say, from a simple thing such as a can opener, in fact He blessed me with two can openers, so I gave one can opener away, to healing my body physically. I aint saying we shouldn’t ask for help from others, but where do we run to first? Who do we rely on the most?

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