Press On!!!

Have you really thought about what it means to press on? It means to move forward despite the fact that you feel like quitting. Through every obstacle that comes your way, through every word that has been spoken against you telling you that you are a failure, through all the not feeling like its. Come on people!!! Pull your selves together. I had a therapist that told me to do at least one thing a day, just one thing. While I was studying this morning, I heard that people who don’t have no sense of purpose, no ambition, no sense of the future are subject to depression, lethargy, discouragement, and they just can’t seem to get motivated. Wow! That seems so familiar. People just can’t seem to get out of bed. That was me in so many ways. So I began to have a million thoughts run through my brain as usual, then it occurred to me. The one thing that was really needed,  I needed to find my sense of purpose. Why did God put me here? If I am breathing then I must have a purpose. We need to find out what our purpose is? Are you going to listen to that person in YOUR PAST tell you that you are just not any good at something? Are you going to just lay there like a lump on a log and let time slip right on by you? Pull yourself together. I remember when I use younger, it hurt me so bad to even move my legs, still does, ain’t going to lie. I would just go outside and sit in the shade of a tree and just dig in the dirt. I made little flower gardens, just to brighten up my day. I would read books and write, still do. The problem began when I decide I didn’t have a purpose and I was no use to anyone. I became so depressed and attempted to end things, but God saw fit that I didn’t. So one day, after gaining a lot of weight, I decided I wasn’t going to take this anymore and I got up, got dressed and got busy, at a slow rate of speed, but at least I was moving forward. Don’t just lay there, you have time to sleep later, right now, go outside and see what your purpose is? God is calling you, you have a purpose.

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