The Journey

I don’t know about everybody else, but I am my own worse enemy. I am always telling my Heavenly Father to show me where to put my feet on this path because I seem to run head long into chaos. I feel so scattered and just want to do everything and read everything and learn everything. The problem is nothing gets accomplished. Then I am reminded of the scripture, Proverbs 16:3,” Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established”.

You know if we do that every morning, start out each day with committing our plans, our works to the Lord, He will see them through. He has a much better way than us. We just need to give them to Him, commit them to Him, and watch Him do it. This life is a journey. Just because someone else is further along the path than you are, or you don’t feel like you are where you need to be, you have to remember that this life is a journey. It is not how fast you go to get where you think you need to be, it is how you walk on this journey.

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