Get your behind moving!!!

Today I am writing this because it is on my heart to do so. I admit this whole Coronavirus and the political stuff going on has really made me start to feel like life as we all knew is gone forever. All of our hopes and dreams that we had are gone so what is the point to even trying anymore? In some cases it is more beneficial to do nothing. But is that what God called you to do? To do nothing. Just give up on your hopes and dreams. Stop living life. God is the one that put these hopes and dreams in your heart and soul, in my heart and soul. God has not changed. Just because people tell us that we can’t do something, doesn’t mean that God said we can’t do something. God has called us for a purpose. I admit it, I feel like this is the end as we know it. Why should I write my story? Why should I build the life I wanted? Why should I even get that degree or certification I was trying to get? Life in this age is coming to close, why should I even do anything that I have always dreamed of? Because God called you to do it. God has not changed His mind. God has not changed your purpose just because some man somewhere behind a desk says so. Pull yourself together and get busy doing what God has called you to do. Write your story, build that life, achieve those plans. Get up and move your behind…

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